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Coaching First Time Managers in IT industry to become more effective, break down barriers and create their dream careers., see their own blind spots, create their most engaged teams, happy customers & work-life balance

My Strengths – Coaching, Strategic Planning, Exceptional Interpersonal Skills, Advanced Facilitation, Creative Problem Solving, High Performance Team Building, Design Thinking

My Industry Experience – 40+ Years of Cross-cultural experience spread across Organization Restructure & Change Management, Operations Management, Vendor Management, Hiring, Business Development, Software Delivery, L & D & Leadership Development with Customers & Teams spread across India, Japan, Vietnam, Africa, Sri Lanka, Singapore, & Middle East. Proven experience in execution & operational excellence, complexity reduction. 

My Coaching Experience – ACC (ICF), Action Learning Coach (WIAL), Team Coach (Erickson) - Coaching & Mentoring over 50 Leaders & Managers & about 30 Teams across the Spectrum of Assistant Managers to Exec. Vice Presidents including expats who moved to Senior Leadership positions. Spread across – India, Dubai, Hongkong, Netherlands, Singapore

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