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Life Coaching is not just about healing but also to explore yourself,  to acknowledge and accept the way you are , with all your flaws. And also to make you aware about your actions and outcomes, how to make things better in future. I majorly focus on relationship issues but also help people with self doubt and anxiety . Therefore, it's essential to cover few areas such as personality trait, wheel of life - which involves family and friend, relationship, finance, recreation and fun. Baselines is one of the most important aspect, it's our core beliefs and values which we practice in our day to day life and are important to us. And alongside in every session, we'll be discussing problems/experiences you would like to share.  Maintaining a journal is highly recommended so that you could go back and evaluate yourself, how much you have evolved. 

I am daughter of Assistant General manager of SBI and History professor, a fashion designer. An artist turned into life coach. I am ICF certified coach .  

As my core values are empathy, self reliant, acknowledgment and open minded. It's always a nice idea to discuss your problems with an outsider, to have a third perspective, where there's no one to judge you. 

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Life Coaching

  • Some Activities related personality, anxiety, self care.  And few handouts about self care and self love if necessary. 
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